Simply Irresistible

Offering salon services for the entire family since 1989

We are a full service salon. Offering services to the whole family. From first haircuts to bridal packages and everything between.

Brenda Sherman
Salon Manager


   Brenda started working at Simply Irresistible in 2008 with the idea that it would be temporary. However,  she realized very quickly that the most amazing people in the Round Rock/Austin area either work at or are clients of Simply Irresistible. She felt she needed to be a part of this amazing team and to assist Debbie accomplish her vision. 

   Brenda was once referred to as a “ladder holder” at a leadership conference she attended.  A ladder holder holds the ladder for others to climb their way to success!  She is very comfortable with this place in life because she feels great value in seeing others achieve their goals and be the best person they were created to be.  She looks at every person that walks through the doors of Simply Irresistible as a unique person who has so much potential and unlimited qualities to make the world a better place! It is her heart’s desire to let each client know how valuable and special they truly are!

   Brenda enjoys  music, learning new things, reading, Bible studies, family reunions, friends, nature, storms, beaches, sunsets, fishing, hunting, pretty much anything that involves being outside!! She loves her family and all the adventures life can bring on any given day! She has a passion for helping young people in hopeless situations find hope for their future.  Life has too much to offer to give up on it!  She believes that “With God all things are possible!”

Brenda's Goals for 2018: 

Learn to play keyboards, learn new recipes, exercise more, read daily, and to have fun!


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