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Kim Wright


   Kim is a creatively gifted, highly trained professional stylist with over 25 years of experience in the hair care industry. She has spent the majority of her career as part of the Simply Irresistible team located in Round Rock, Texas. 

   As a stylist, Kim brings a lot of knowledge to the table, including having incredible listening and communication skills. These valuable skill sets create a comfortable, friendly environment where open communication flows easily between stylist and client. These people person skills create an atmosphere of collaboration where stylist / client can communicate methodically and effectively, thus leading to a positive and relaxing salon experience as her client's look is transformed to the ‘'best them'' ever! Clients are very satisfied with the results Kim's talent produces. 

   Kim's expertise utilizing multiple hair cutting techniques includes razor and point cutting. It's all about texture! From short and spiky, to long and layered! Along with her other impressive skill sets as an artist , she has experience with multiple hair types and textures, from thick and coarse, to fine, damaged, or thinning. Straight or curly. Her expertise in permanent waving, as well as in hair coloring and highlighting are a product of years of education, observation, and experimentation, as well as top the line products to create with. 

 When not at work, Kim enjoys spending time with friends and family, and anything that has to do with water and being outdoors.

What clients are saying about Kim:

Ed Francis on FaceBook:

"Simply Irresistible changed my hair, and my life." - Ed Francis Kim. W's client

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